Consulting & Interim Management

Our “Consulting & Interim Management” department is dedicated in boosting your company’s sales. Our experts analyse, recommend and implement effective customer centric sales strategies while giving you more flexibility & cost control.

The Sales audit is the perfect basis to draw up a creative development strategy and Samanco is the ideal partner to conduct an objective analysis of your company’s sales proposal.

We can help structuring and organizing your sales department, set quantitative and qualitative goals and define competitive position and advantages around customer needs and expectations.

By the end of this sales audit you have a complete diagnosis of your company’s sales organisation and the drivers to implement it.

Samanco helps you to define the sales strategy and appropriate tactics suited to the targeted market. Our team guides you in defining the goals, targets and market segmentation, selecting the most efficient sales channels, creating the sales and monitoring tools you need.

In order to guarantee continuity, our teams can also support the implementation & execution of the sales strategy within your company.

Samanco offers experienced interim sales managers to strengthen your team on a temporary basis.

Launching new products or services is a strategic moment in a company’s life. By outsourcing certain skills, management can focus on core activities and opportunities which ensure the company’s growth.

Also, the conquest of new markets involves uncertainties and risk-taking. Rather than increase their social liabilities over an indefinite period, hiring an interim manager is an effective solution which offers the desired flexibility without any fixed costs.

  • Flexible and effective solution
  • No fixed cost


  • Sales audit to understand the current sales channels situation
  • Sales strategy definition
  • Sales plan & goal settings
  • Coaching On-the-field
  • Experienced interim managers to implement new strategies

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Call Center B2B

You need to prospect?
Your sales team spends too much time in the office?
Your sales representatives have too much administrative tasks?
Your conversion rate is unsatisfactory?

Our “Customer Service Solutions” department  is a professional Contact Center, committed to support your lead generation and appointments setting. This way, your sales forces can focus on selling while the preparation & back-office complexity is performed in the shadow.

 Existing customer recommendations are vital, but they are not enough…

You need to prospect. And that is where the trouble starts. Prospects are very busy and less and less inclined to listen to you. Once past the secretary, leaving messages, calling back… it’s sometimes very discouraging and is always ineffective!

What time (and money) invested for so little return!

Your sales team spends too much time in the office?

The conversion rate is unsatisfactory?

We can help :

  • Telesales (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Appointments planning for your sales team
  • Database qualification (Data cleaning/enrichment)
  • Virtual Sales Assistant
  • First line customer service
  • High potential – high Education – Multilingual agents
  • Online sales support services: chat/call/video 24/7 in all European languages
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Upsell/Cross-sell
  • Social media & community management

Perfect understanding of your Business :

  • Sales & Bus Dev. expertize
  • Experienced Belgian management

Real-time ROI :

  • Offshore ressources
  • High efficiency at lower cost


  • Flexible Inbound/Outbound Telesales
  • Sales team appointment planning
  • Database enrichment & cleaning
  • New business opportunities generation
  • Sales Assistant on site or virtual
  • First line customer service

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Direct Sales Force

Samanco works alongside your company:

Our approach is designed to be pragmatic. Our aim is to work at your side, suggesting concrete actions, and to become a player in your development. Samanco is committed to results!

Samanco provides your company with a turnkey solution for your sales projects

  • Tailored to your needs
  • Flexible & scaleable
  • Shared or dedicated commercial resources
  • High performance sales team available for a limited time

Many entrepreneurs are working so hard that they do not have time to consider external development opportunities.

Nobody likes leaving his comfort zone. We all prefer to focus on areas in which we feel we are able to rely on our expertise. This is normal behaviour but one which involves obvious risks. Samanco is there for all entrepreneurs who want to make the most of opportunities.

  • Fast launch of your sales activities.
  • High efficency
  • Better return on your investment.
  • Limited risk.


  • Extra commercial resources
  • Project management (results follow-up, sales tools, administration…)
  • Quality through training and strong selection
  • Flexible remuneration model

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